Guangzhou Leapay Machinery Co., Ltd is specialize in producing

and selling bakery equipment. We have 15 years experience in bakery industrial. Our main products is dough mixer, egg mixer, dough sheeter, dough divider, baguette moulder, fermentation box, rotary oven,deck oven, tunnel oven and so on. Our company brings in European advanced technology.



Spirit — united, pragmatic, dedicated, efficient and innovative; values — the customer's success is our success;

Brand idea

The quality of the brand success, the service creates value, together with the times and innovate, to reach new heights



Won the ISO9001 quality system certification, enterprise quality inspection institutions, such as the assessment of qualified units, and other honors.


Companies facing society, Career, Careers. Hotshots are welcome to come join our team.


  • As everyone knows, the baked food industry products, has the characteristics of seasonal, seasonal. For example, for the production of cakes for the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the production of rice dumplings, for the Mid Au...……

  • Baking foods include bread, biscuits, cakes, convenience foods, such as several major categories. The main raw material for baking food grains, rice and flour products. Whether it is the West or East, and now the baking food has become one...……

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    • As people pay more attention to the issue of food safety, the main pure handmade, no add of the baking products are more and more popular, although the price is expensive, but also failed to resist the bake off enthusiasm. Both enjoy desser... ……






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