Planetary mixer

Planetary mixer

Product Presentation

model Bowl capacity Voltage Power Mixing speed Machine size(mm)
LB-10 10L 220v 300W 156/340/530 460*480*680
LB-20 20L 220v 375W 131/288/518 560*560*830
LB-40 40L 380v 1125W 120/240/468 690*700*1090
LB-60 60L 380v 2250W 80/141/228 700*850*1340
LB-80 80L 380v 5250W 80/141/228 750*900*1410
Product Presentation:
1.Three-speed gear, high rotating speed, the amount of bubbles to be more uniform, high expansion rate after the cake into the oven, baked delicate tissue, good taste.

2.The egg beater adopts Star gear, and the transmission shaft and gear are processed by special heat treatment, with low noise and durability.
3.Import technology from Taiwan,Transmission shaft and gear are heat-treated, good durability, low failure rate.
4.This model is equipped with three kinds of agitators, which have the functions of dough mixing, stirring, egg beating, cream beating, etc.

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